Our story

We're the Saucy Fish Co. - and we'd like to introduce you to a match made in heaven.

Sauce and fish are amazing together. And we make it (almost) effortless for absolutely anyone to rustle them up for a seriously tasty and healthy meal. Having transformed millions of dinner plates at home in the UK, we've sailed across the Atlantic with a boatload of our simple fish-plus-sauce recipes for you to try.

If you love ordering fish in a restaurant but get the fear when it comes to filleting and flavoring in your own kitchen, you'll love the way we roll.

Our story
Want to know how?


Want to know how?

Once upon a time, our local refrigerator cases were a sea of blandness. It was hard work just buying fish, never mind cooking it.

Which made us rather sad, until we had a vision - how about sauce and fish without the fuss? Fantastic flavor without the hard labor?

So we sourced some beautiful fish cuts, and added sauce sachets oozing with 'Wow'. And lo and behold, hungry folks jumped on board.

Now we're brightening up weekly shoppers all over the world - lightening the load on whoever's cooking, and making fish that looks good, cooks good and tastes great. There are no bones, and no mess. Just bundles of Vitamin D and essential Omega-3.


The very best of British

Our UK hometown of Grimsby has a fabulous fishing heritage, with hundreds of years of history and knowledge flowing through our community. It was here that we first set our chefs the challenge of combining the very tastiest sauces with fish carefully sourced across the world's oceans. And by George, they cracked it! Cast an eye over our range and you'll discover all kinds of perfect pairings, expertly-prepared. Of course, we haven't finished yet - we're always looking for fresh combinations that we can add to your mealtimes.

And it doesn't end there, we're always looking for new and beautiful combinations to tempt and treat you with.

The very best of British
Want to know why?


Want to know why?

It's because we care deeply about the oceans and the way they are treated. We want everyone to be able to share our love of fish, and that includes your kids and their kids too.

Carrying on cherishing the world's tastiest fish means getting serious about fishing, and we're always crystal clear about where ours come from, and how they are caught. Take a look at our packaging and you'll see our Salmon is from Scotland or Norway, and our cod fillets come from healthy stocks in the North Atlantic.

And if any of our fish has been farmed you can be sure that the supplier measures up to our strict criteria, and that they've been independently certified to boot.


Turning the tide

As you might expect we take our collective responsibility just as seriously, and are working to promote sustainable fishing across the industry. Over in the UK we helped to found the Sustainable Seafood Coalition, and now work alongside brands and retailers to establish a shared responsible approach for selling and labelling fish.

Since fish are such an important natural resource, playing an essential economic role in communities across the world, it's important to us that everyone is properly rewarded for keeping it that way. Which is why we're supporting long-term sustainability projects all over the world with the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership and the Marine Stewardship Council.

Responsibly sourced; beautifully combined; effortlessly cooked; ravenously eaten. That's who we are, from head to tail.

Want to know more? Then get in touch. We don't bite.

Turning the tide


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