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Posted December 1 2018 by Saucy Fish Co.

When the main event is over, and those days seem to be slowly ticking by before New Year’s Eve and the start of 2019 it’s the perfect time of year to be thinking about your resolutions.

Tricky question is, what do you pick as your 2019 promises to yourself? Pick too many and you’ll be struggling to keep up, go too drastic and you’ll never stick to it or you can ignore them completely and do your own thing and stay the same.

If you’re struggling for some New Year inspiration, then you can count on us – we’ve got a few fintastic ideas that should help you with the ‘New Year, New You’ mantras for 2019.

Be time wise: We’re all busy, constantly rushing from one thing to the next and never really taking time to slow down. Make 2019 the year you hit pause and focus on spending time with the ones you love and on doing what you love. Time hacks can save you a few more precious minutes and don’t forget there’s plenty of time saving meal ideas from us here at Saucy (stick us in the oven and you can focus on better things than standing over the cooker).

A little change goes a long way: Now we know it’s tempting to make a resolution promising that you’ll hit the gym everyday in 2019 and be super svelte and generally a gym king (or queen) from the minute the clock hits midnight on NYE. Let’s face it, that’s not gonna happen. Life gets in the way and ultimately that 5am alarm isn’t very nice every single day. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, focus on what you can. Stick to moving a little bit more each day, whether it’s taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking a few more blocks instead of staying on the subway – it all counts!

Take up something good: Sounds obvious but rather than concentrating your new year efforts on what you’re not allowed or what you’re trying to stop, focus on making a good habit. Trying to diet and be healthier? Instead of only looking at the calories you’re taking in, look at making healthier food choices (we recommend upping your fish intake for lots of lovely vitamins and nutrients) and creating better meals.



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