Here at Saucy HQ, we're proud to be the UK's largest manufacturer of fish and sauce combos and we have a mission to make sure our products don't make too many waves in the ocean.

Why? Because the fish comes first! We care about our craft. We're passionate about our product and all of the things that go into it.

We LOVE fish and want everyone to have the chance to enjoy it. Not just you, but the next generation of fish fans too. There may be plenty more fish in the sea, but if we want to keep eating the tasty ones, we have to get serious.

Ensuring that there are enough of our fish friends in the sea for future generations is in everyone's interest and aside from ensuring that our products are of top notch quality, sustainability is top of our agenda. That's why we're a founding member of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition - a progressive partnership of seafood businesses like us who aim to address important issues in fish & sustainability.

We want to ensure that the seafood industry agrees to buy and label fish responsibly and doesn't make any misleading claims. To ensure things operate swimmingly, there are two main codes of conduct that we adhere to:


Environmentally Responsible Fish & Seafood Sourcing

From sea, ocean or excellent farms, we have full traceability of the fish you eat from source to plate and strive to bring you the very best. We also have stringent checks in place to ensure our high standards are being met throughout every step of the supply chain.


Environmental Claims

We recognise the impact fish farming can have on the environment, economy and community and strive to produce quality seafood, whilst satyisfying economic growth and environmental protection all the same time. We love this planet and the people on it, just as much as you do!

At The Saucy Fish Co. we pride ourselves on 'Quality, Naturally' and are committed to the three core areas of environmentally friendly fishing; sustainability, ethics and authenticity.


Sustainable Fishing Packaging

We’re entirely clear on where our fish comes from and how it’s caught or farmed. For example our cod fillets come from the North Atlantic Ocean, Salmon from the shores of Norway or Scotland and fresh Tuna from as far as the Indian Ocean. We ensure that all of our fish is environmentally responsible to global standards and we send our own expert teams to check against our rigorous criteria. We are also involved in Fishery Improvement Projects via the SFP where we can contribute to make better management systems for fisheries, which will in turn assure best practices and a sustainable source for the future.

Sustainable Fishing Packaging
Ethical Fishing Saucy


Ethical Fishing Saucy

From Scotland to Sri Lanka, we respect the people that work in our supply chains and pride ourselves on ensuring that ethical standards are the norm, not the exception. We’re on the board of the Responsible Fishing Scheme helping make sure fishermen have the best possible working conditions, safety and practices. Also, our fishery improvement work addresses training and standards for fishermen, by helping them towards reaching the Responsible Fishing standard.


Authentic Fishing Saucy

We don’t just want you to love our food, we want you to trust in us too. To ensure we can forever be friends, we ensure that our products are authentic and never misleading. What you see on your label is exactly what you’ll get – no additions or omissions – just deliciously tasty fish, minus the fuss.

Sourced responsibly, combined beautifully, cooked effortlessly, eaten ravenously. That’s us, from head to tail.

If you want to know more, just drop us a line. We don’t bite.

Authentic Fishing Saucy


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